About Us

You Are the Focus

August Ltd is a premiere builder of fully custom homes and magnificent renovations.  We offer exceedingly knowledgeable craftsmen and the finest materials available.  Our projects are centered in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and Northwest Chicago. 

At August Ltd we cater to the individuals and families with an affinity for the finer details in life, exceeding expectations through our constant pursuit of complete customer happiness.  Above all else,  your enjoyment and satisfaction is at the forefront of every decision we make.  We believe it is possible to always say YES to you, the customer. 

Our core focus is YOU.  This illuminates throughout our company within every individual.  We achieve this steadfast truism my maximizing five distinctive value-added offerings developed to enhance your building experience to...just shy of bliss :)

Bliss Comes to Life

We cater to YOU!  Every project is tailored to the wants, needs and dreams of your family and home...we won't try to fit you into a box. 

We honor your inherent value through a well-established set of systems to express our continual appreciation of YOU...lot's of ways to say "thanks".

We provide and utilize the most customer friendly management software system available.  Giving you access to schedules, up to date budgets and a plethora of fun.

We employe a support system to make every step of your project enjoyable, including creative designers, project managers and key folks just out to make your day happy.

Details.  The details are the defining attribute to any great project.  This is where we really kick some serious butt!

Our Vision

I started August Ltd. for the sole purpose to provide our customers, YOU, with beautiful homes while experiencing joy...just shy of bliss!! Through the years, I am proud to have developed a level of service which exceeds expectations. From our "Opening Day Breakfast", to always saying YES to YOU, we make sure you know you are valuable to everyone at August Ltd. I look forward to hearing from YOU and hope we have the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

Sue Hough President and Founder

Sue Hough
President and Founder